How to deposit at wjslot 100% successful

Deposit at wjslot is the second step to placing a bet,Wjslot game portal provides many modern and reputable online betting services. We offer a variety of deposit methods at wjslot,methodsTo participate in the playground, you need to register an official account and make a deposit. The article below introduces the correct deposits at wjslot methods. We invite you to refer to it for successful application.players must make a deposit into our bank accounts by following these simple steps:

Deposit at wjslot via local banks

In order to deposit via local banks, the players should follow 4 steps

  • Step 1: They must contact our 24/7 customer service for our bank account numbers.
  • Step 2: They deposit into our provided accounts
  • Step 3: Confirmation

Firstly, the players are required to sign in on WJSLOT.

  • After sign in ( CLICK HERE ), click “cashier” section.
    deposit at wjslot : Log in to your account and click "Deposit"
    deposit at wjslot : Log in to your account and click “Deposit”

    Log in to your account and click “Deposit”

  • Click the “Transfer” section in the transfer method option list.
  • Then, click “local bank transfer method” fill all the required information on our website, and click “Finish”.
Choose recharge method
Choose recharge method
  • · After that, the players are sent a transaction code by our system (Notice: This code is not evidence that the players transfer money until their deposits are confirmed by WJSLOT).
Enter deposit amount
Enter deposit amount
  • Step 4: After finishing all information, the players are requested to send their receipt to our email at [email protected]


Players’ deposits made via banks shall be credited right away after being received in the bank.