How to withdraw at WJSLOT 100% successful

To successfully withdraw at wjslot, players follow these steps: Step 1: Log in to WJSLOT account, Step 2: Transfer money to wallet, Step 3: Withdraw money to account.

Instructions on how to withdraw at wjslot 100% successful

You can apply the withdrawal method updated by the house through the official homepage. The game portal always supports customers to complete all transactions as soon as possible. Please follow wjslot‘s withdrawal instructions as follows:
Users who withdraw money for the first time need to set a withdrawal password first, and then bind the withdrawal bank card information to facilitate future withdrawals.
Set withdrawal password
Set withdrawal password

Withdraw at WJSLOT via local banks

  • 1. Please click ” local bank transfer method” below” withdraw” menu. Afterward, you fill in withdrawal amount and all information about local bank you would like to receive as follows:
Withdraw at WJSLOT : Log in to your account and click "WITHDREAW"
Withdraw at WJSLOT : Log in to your account and click “WITHDREAW”
  • 2. Beneficiary’s name
  • 3. Bank account number
  • 4. Bank name

Fill in the withdrawal bank card information
Fill in the withdrawal bank card information

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Notes on withdrawals:

  1. Using the owner’s account: Players need to use the owner’s account to perform all deposit or withdrawal operations on the WJSLOT online system. Please confirm this information by using the registration name that matches the bank account name.
  2. Withdrawal limit: The lower limit of withdrawal is 200.00
  3. Withdrawal order processing time: Withdrawal order processing time is within 24 hours, if the processing time is longer than 24 hours. If the player has not received the money, contact WJSLOT Customer Service for support.
  4. Withdrawal of promotional funds: For players applying promotional programs, they need to complete the betting conditions as prescribed. Each promotion policy is provided by the house with full information and basic requirements. In case the player does not complete the number of betting rounds or turnover, he/she will not be able to withdraw money.